San Diego Sabers

San Diego Sabers was formed in 2015 when 3 lightsaber enthusiasts found that, at the time, there was no combat-oriented lightsaber training program in the area.  Founders Robert Chun, Steve Kirk, and Eric Main came together to create the first (?) full-contact, lightsaber combat school in the area.

The mission of SDS is to promote and teach lightsaber combat and dueling skills by helping each other learn and grow through acceptance, respect, and a positive attitude.

In 2017, SDS also started a weekly podcast – the San Diego Sabers Radio Podcast, hosted by Robert, Steve, and Eric.  While sharing their love of Star Wars and discussing what’s happening in the Star Wars universe, they also dive into deep martial arts topics highlighted by their “Swords & Sabers” series.  They bring in heads of other lightsaber schools to discuss the connection between real-world martial arts and Saber Martial Arts.  

The team meets twice a week.  There is no charge for any training programs, just show up (sign a waiver), and come have fun!  They always have spare gear for new students to borrow on training nights; if you do want to continue it’s encouraged for you to purchase your own lightsaber and safety equipment.

About the Instructor

The San Diego Union-Tribune did a fantastic write-up on Battlemaster Eric Main, which you can find here.

You can also find local SDS news coverage from TV station KUSI here.

Where to find them

Facebook: @SanDiegoSabers
Instagram: @SDSabers
YouTube: San Diego Sabers