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Based in central Virginia, we teach Lightsaber Combat by combining aspects of multiple martial styles, swordplay, and weapons based combat. This unique art form is taught with an emphasis on real world martial arts using both modern, and old school methods of training to promote the growth of Saber Light Students. Taking inspiration from the Star Wars extended universe, Saber Light’s curriculum is structured around the 7 Forms of Lightsaber Combat, through both Saber Practice, and its Student Ranking System. Saber Light exists to do our part in aiding in the growth of this community through its top tenet. Honor.

About the Instructor

Courtney Monroe began training in Martial Arts with Tae Kwon Do eventually moving over to Kung Fu. He has spent over a decade in the practice of Northern Shaolin Longist, Jow Ga, Mizongquan, Taiji (Yang Style), XingYi, Baguazhang, Bajiquan, Northern Praying Mantis, and others. This also includes traditional Chinese Weapons such as, The Dao, Jian, Staff, Spear, Double Daggers, and Iron Whip. Courtney also trained in Pekiti Tirsia Kali for 5 years, Kajukenbo, Krav Maga, and Kickboxing. Courtney is also trained in German Longsword under the honorable Sir Blackwolf.

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