Penguin Saber Academy

From Palm Springs / Palm Desert, the Emperor Penguin rules here. 

Our regular schedule is Sunday, Monday and Wednesday 8pm-10pm any given week.

  • Sundays 8 pm- 10pm – Heavy Lesson focus on the months form, about an hour – hour and a half of form teaching and drilling.
  • Mondays 8pm-10pm – Sparring day. Some minor warm ups and drills for first 20-30 minutes, and then an hour and a half of sparring.
  • Wednesdays 8pm-10pm – Light lesson day usually reviewing what was taught on Sundays lesson, for first 30-45 minutes. Then sparring in a ranked pool or with any other weird sparring rules.

Saturdays 7pm-9pm (we meet two saturdays a month) – Training for out of school tournaments using their rule sets and weapon standards. Sometimes there will be a lesson, other times it will just be sparring. Saturdays are a “by request” type of day, depending on what the group wants to practice in that day.

About the Instructor

Nick Richardson – 14 years of Olympic Fencing as a student of Leslie Taft at Desert Fencing Academy. Competitively a D Ranked fencer (mid level) in the eyes of the USFA. Has also assisted coaching in fencing at the local community college at COD for 6 years. Primary weapon is Sabre(14 years of exepereince), secondary weapon is Foil (two years of experience), but is also trained in Epee (one year of experience).

Saber-wise, spent 5 years with Knights of the New Order, three months as a student, one year as makashi specialist instructor, and then three and a half years as head of council and head instructor.

Where to find them

Facebook: @PenguinSaberAcademy
Instagram: @PenguinSaberAcademy