Masters Club of Delaware

We treat SMA as a Mixed (Weapons) Martial Art, and training consists of both traditional contact-/technique-focused MA drills as well as newer/experimental/original curricula. We feel it is important to balance realism with enjoyment in all training, so the use of “true-feel weapons” (wood, metal, poly in-air and partner, where protection may be optional but speed/power/timing parameters are in place for safety) in combo with “true-tempo” weapons (foam &/or poly sparring, dueling, battle with mandatory protection) are symbiotic to the students’ growth.

We have a small element of “kata” but it is more for application of velocities, or in preparation for a tournament or promotion. We do not have a rank system for our SMA/Historical Weapons because all students are roughly equal in prior experience.

Our 7 Forms take as much from Canon/Legends Lore as is feasible within the boundaries of real-world martial traditions, but we are very clear about one philosophy: we do not teach fantasy for real sport-combat, and we take pride in the amount of R&D that continually goes into our SMA and Weapons curricula.

Training Sessions

  • Tuesdays 6-6:30 (youth) & 8-8:45 pm (teens/adults)
  • Wednesdays 7:15-7:30 pm (youth)
  • Thursdays 6-6:15 pm (youth)
  • Fridays 7:45-8:30/45 pm (teens/adults)
  • Saturdays 11-11:30 am (youth) & 11:30-12 pm (teens/adults)
  • Private sessions available.

About the instructor

Mark has a 3rd Degree BB in American Kenpo; MMA training experience; extensive & varied instruction in traditional MA weaponry of Asia, Europe, and indigenous cultures of the world. He maintains a articular interest in “Ancient” fighting techniques, weaponry, and those of the American Indians. He began developing and evolving one of the first (known) systems for 7 Forms SMA starting in 2002. Winning competitor, coach, judge, and/or commentator in numerous inter-/national MA championships, including the Battle of Baltimore, the AmeriKick Internationals, the US Capitol Classics, and the San Diego Sabers Nationals. Total MA training: 27 years. Total weapons training: 25 years. Total SMA training: 17 years.

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