Hawaii Saber Academy

Get ready prepare your body and mind to use LED Sabers in epic battles. We at Hawaii Saber Academy believe that anyone can wield a saber for a fun, intense, and safe workout. Join our saber ohana for training, workouts, tournaments, and community events.

Thursdays, 8:30 – 9:30 – Crossfit Ohau, 556 Reed Lane, Honolulu, HI 96813

Respect, Aloha, Integrity, Safety, Etiquette


Keith Mylett

Keith is the founder of Hawaii Saber Academy. He stays busy with running a parkour gym, saber academy, and being a husband and father.  

  • Form 1 Instructor Certified
  • American Parkour Instructor Certification
  • High School Teacher
  • Owner/Operator of Precision Parkour and Keiki Parkour

Colin Chock

Colin has decades of fencing experience as a competitor and instructor.  Colin is not an official instructor, but you may see him at the Thursday class more than willing to partner or give advice.  Check out www.sallehonolulu.com if you are interested in the epic sport of fencing.

  • Owner/Head Instructor Salle Honolulu
  • Instructor Schola Saint George
  • Spends more time with a sword in hand than not

Where to find them

Facebook: @HawaiiSaberAcademy
Instagram: @HawaiiSaberAcademy