Membership in the Saber Martial Arts Foundation is open to qualifying lightsaber-based combat schools globally.  In order to qualify for membership, a school must submit their application along with [supporting evidence -TBD] for review by the SMA Board of Directors.  

Membership is free. 

As a non-profit, we of course encourage individuals or schools to make donations in order to help the Foundation achieve our goals.  Those goals include supporting our member schools through funding, scholarships, and events which help promote the school and our growing sport and community.  Any donation amount is graciously accepted and appreciated!  In 2019, we will be pursuing 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, which, when received, means all donations will be tax-deductible!  

As a qualifying member school, benefits include…

  • Use of the “SMA Member” official logo in promotional materials
  • Inclusion in the SMA Instructor Enclave, allowing you to network with other SMA member instructors
  • Access to scholarship programs for students
  • Access to purchasing of gear and equipment available at member-pricing available through the Foundation.
  • Access to Foundation resources for events and activities
  • Promotion of your school on the SMA website and other Foundation-wide activities
  • Affiliation with a national organization promoting high-quality Saber Martial Arts.