Affiliation with the Saber Martial Arts Foundation is open to qualifying lightsaber-based combat schools.  In order to qualify, a school must submit their application along with supporting materials for review by the SMA Board of Directors.  The application form is below.

As a non-profit organization we depend on donations to support our efforts. Our goals are focused on supporting our affiliate schools through programs and events which help promote and further develop Saber Martial Arts as a sport and community. We encourage individuals and schools to contribute to help us all achieve these goals. Any donation amount is graciously accepted and appreciated!  We are currently in-process of pursuing 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.


To be considered for affiliate status…

  • The school must be combat-oriented (not choreography-based) (more on that below)
  • Must submit documentation about their training programs, including safety & equipment policies
  • Must submit their tournament rule-set
  • Must submit the background of their head instructor(s)
  • May be asked for existing coverage of their training or events (through social media, videos, etc).
  • Additional information may be requested.

Combat vs Choreography: We greatly appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into stage-combat, and several of our schools also perform that type of work. However, because our mission as a non-profit Foundation is focused on developing Saber Martial Arts as a combat-oriented sport, we are bound by those limits. As such, we require that our member schools focus at least 51% on SMA-style combat training. The Saber Martial Arts Foundation is unable to fund or promote choreography-based activities.


Unlike some other alliances or federations, the Saber Martial Arts Foundation recognizes that you, as a school, have spent considerable resources developing your brand and worked hard establishing your reputation. We value that and want you to maintain your own brand. Becoming an affiliate provides you with access to resources and networking opportunities – it does not mean you have to change your branding or how you operate. Quite the opposite, we highly value diversity in training programs – we believe we can all learn from each other this way, and thus be stronger together, developing Saber Martial Arts as a true martial experience.

As a qualifying affiliate school, benefits include…

School Tier I  ($75/yr)

  • Use of the “SMA Affiliate” official logo in promotional materials
  • Inclusion in the SMA Instructor Enclave, allowing you to network with other SMA-affiliated instructors
  • Promotion of your school on the SMA website and in other Foundation activities
  • Affiliation with a national organization promoting high-quality Saber Martial Arts.
  • School-wide discounts on SMAF-operated tournament entry fees*

School Tier II ($150/yr)

  • All of Tier I, plus…
  • Access to purchase gear and equipment available at affiliate-pricing available through the Foundation (eg. discount codes, special links, etc).
  • Access to Foundation resources for events and activities – for example, volunteers, event planning services, video recording services, etc – as such services may be available in your area.

The school application form can be found here.



Are you not with a school, but just want to learn more, to grow your network? We have something for you!

Individual Tier ($30/yr)

  • Access to our private Facebook group, where you can network with other SMAF team mates
  • Discount on SMAF-operated tournament entry fees*

The application form for individuals can be found here.

(* Discounts apply to SMAF-operated events, such as SMAF regional or national events and tournaments, where the normal entry fees may be higher due to higher operating costs.)