SMA Foundation is the official website of the Saber Martial Arts Foundation Inc.  The Foundation is a California non-profit corporation formed in 2018 by leaders and instructors of lightsaber combat schools from across the United States.  These instructors bring decades of experience in real-world martial arts, including various eastern martial arts such as Kendo, Bushido, and Karate, as well as western practices such as HEMA, Fencing, and other forms of weapon-based combat.  Over the last several years, these leaders have been working closely together to develop a new form of a truly mixed martial art applied to lightsaber-based combat styles which we call Saber Martial Arts (SMA).

The Saber Martial Arts sporting activities were developed in close collaboration between the following schools:

  • San Diego Sabers
  • Phoenix Saber Academy
  • Penguin Saber Academy
  • Hawaii Saber Academy
  • Masters Club of Delaware

We recognize that variation in style is healthy for building the community as well as allowing students and members to grow through developing a diversification of their skills, while still maintaining synchronicity in martial spirit and approach.