Announcing the Foundation!

I am proud & honored to announce the news which has been teased for the last few weeks: the creation of the Saber Martial Arts Foundation!

The Saber Martial Arts Foundation is for all of us to have fun, to be safe, and to have Martial Spirit be on our minds at all times; to unite all our groups while keeping them also on their own as far as bringing their own lightsabers, bringing their own skills to the table.

Community, Camaraderie, and Competition: Those are three things I think that are the main tenets that we all seem to agree on.

We all in this forum encourage the research and development of Saber-related martial arts through the honorable interchange of concepts and training drills, and invitations to our own autonomous, and soon to be non-autonomous, events. That is part of what makes this community amazing!

We just had a lot of media coverage with France’s grand announce (that to me is 5 years too late) but still it is now looking more and more that people are seeing this as a sport and as a legitimate martial art, which I think is amazing!

The big part about camaraderie that this forum has created, and which now we want to foster through everyone else, is achieving a greater sense of ability, respect, integrity, and honor together. This is what I like to call mutual benevolence to help one another. This will up-lift us all to create a saber family, and a fraternity of service for each other.

These things together help fuel each other to create healthy competition – setting high standards for ourselves so we can go out every day, living up to those standards, and then gain more incentive to progress in each of our groups and in each of our respective goals that we want to set for ourselves. It also allows us to strive to help each other evolve through introspection, honesty, and collaboration. Through the shared wisdom of the people involved, we can all sharpen our skills and bring out the best in each other.

That’s what the Saber Martial Arts Foundation is for me.

Master Alan Venable, President
Saber Martial Arts Foundation

One of the important things of this is that we’ve organized the Foundation as a non-profit. We’re not doing this to make money, we are going to be depending on donations. For everyone participating and who wants to support us, we can use these funds to invest in developing and promoting Saber Martial Arts literally nationwide, which as the Swords & Sabers series on San Diego Sabers Radio Podcast demonstrates, we’re uniting schools and students everywhere already, and we want to do more of that! That podcast has been a great example of having that type of support, from the East Coast to the Hawaiian Islands.

There are people who are passionate about this everywhere, so we’re very excited to be able to organize in this way, and to be very transparent about the fact that if we’re selling shirts or stickers or buttons, we’re not doing it to make money, we’re doing it to put back into the Foundation, to help support these schools, to help do more and more of these tournaments. We’re supporting the Penguin Saber Academy First Annual Open Tournament March 9th, we’re supporting the San Diego Sabers May the Fourth tournament, we’re talking about doing something around San Diego Comic-Con in July, we’re talking about doing a national tournament later this year, where we want to do a full weekend event, community and education, seminars, training, and a tournament!

To emphasize another important point: you don’t have to leave the things you’re already part of to join what we’re doing. Every school can keep their own identity! Schools and instructors have put, in some cases, years of effort building their brand – and that’s important to us that they keep that; we want to help everyone grow! So we encourage both schools and individuals to visit our website and check out the benefits of becoming affiliated with the Foundation!

We intend the Foundation to truly be a nationwide support organization, to help everyone better themselves in their own area, to get exposure, and to learn from each other as well! The networking aspect of this cannot be underestimated; in fact, that’s how the Foundation was created, with the founding members collaborating and sharing with each other for the last several years.

We look forward to building our community together, with your help, to support us all!

Steve Kirk, Treasurer
Saber Martial Arts Foundation

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