About SMA

Since 2015, many lightsaber schools have been founded and continue to flourish.  We bring the love of Star Wars and the iconic lightsaber weapon together with training in martial arts and swordplay to produce a new form of athletic martial arts program which we call Saber Martial Arts. 

SMA affiliated-schools adhere to the tenets which define our philosophical approach to training – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We’re not simply about swinging lightsabers around (although we do enjoy it!) but we’re about improving people’s lives through what we do together.  Many of our students have found a new family among us. 

SMA instructors have years of experience in various real-world martial arts so they each bring something to the table to help make lightsaber combat a reality for all of our students.  It’s not fair to simply take on the title of “master” without an existing martial arts background and commitment to our new sport.  As you look for somewhere to train, a new place to call home, you want some assurance that those who will be teaching you know what they’re doing and come from a strong background themselves.  The SMA Foundation takes pride in admitting new affiliates who adhere to our principles and bring the best to their students, committing as much to them as new students will to their school.

If you’re interested, if you have questions, or are just curious, check out our social media links on our front page, get in touch with us directly, or contact a local affiliate school near you.  Each one is different, they have different styles – which we appreciate and encourage.  Lightsaber combat is still a new sport and we exist to promote & develop it’s growth.  There is no single “right way” to do so, so feel free to explore your options and find the school and style that fits you best.